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Tebogo Moraba (HP014)

Place South Africa

Age 18

School Inkunzi high School

Favorite Subject Creative Arts and writing poems , songs & stories .

Type of House Block

Dreams She wants to be a Teacher .

More Info She is very smart and creative . She is good in writing and reciting poems , narrating stories and drama .

Prayer Request She would like you to pray for her family to love one another and for her to do well at school .

Tebogo attends Inkunzi High School. She suffers from an eye condition , painful chest and Allergies . Her favorite subject in school is Creative arts , and her favorite hobby is writing poems , songs and short stories . Her mother is deceased. She lives in a block house with her aunts, two sisters and three bothers . Tebogo dreams of becoming a Teacher someday. She asks you to pray that she will pass her classes in school and for love in her family .

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