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Sunnyboy Nkambole (HP013)

Place South Africa

Age 20

School George Primary

Favorite Subject Sunnyboy's favorite subject in school is life skills. He also plays soccer in his free time.

Type of House Block

Dreams Would like to be a policeman.

More Info Sunnyboy has a smile that brightens up any room. He would describe himself as forever happy. Sunnyboy attends church often and spoke of God's provision while his oldest brother has been away at the university. Sunnyboy resides in a house built by The Cove with his brother and sister.

Sunnyboy attends George Primary School where his favorite subject in school is Life Skills. His mother is deceased. He lives in a block house built by the Cove Church with his sister, nephew, and two brothers. Sunnyboy dreams of becoming a police officer someday. He suffers from Asthma.

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