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Prince Malope (HP032)

Place South Africa

Age 16

School Mthimba Primary School

Favorite Subject English

Type of House Block

Dreams Wants to be a policeman.

More Info Prince is a very quiet and very reserved . He does not like talking a lot . The poor condition that he grew under has contributed to the person that he is today . He has his days where he just open up and express himself .He is a slow learner and takes a lot of time to process any information given to him.

Prayer Request To become a policeman.

Prince attends Mthimba Primary School where his favorite subject in school is English. He lives in a block with his mother and 3 of his younger siblings. Prince's dream is to become a police officer, and he asks that you would pray that he would be able to reach this goal. Prince is a great caretaker of his siblings Thandolwethu , Surprise and his new baby sister .